POPfeatures: Erin Carlyle

Erin Carlyle’s full-length poetry collection, Magnolia Canopy Otherworld, is forthcoming through Driftwood Press

Magnolia Canopy Otherworld. Inspired by the experience growing up as a poor girl in rural Alabama and Kentucky, the book explores the ways poverty interrupts childhood, erodes families, and manifests on the body. Set in both the corporeal world and the otherworld of the dead, Magnolia Canopy Otherworld traverses pain clinics that hand out opioids to patients, woods where animals pick clean the dead bodies of murdered women, and ordinary Southern trailer parks where little girls ride their bikes under the sinister gaze of older men.

Erin Carlyle holds a MFA in poetry from Bowling Green State University, and her work has been featured in literary magazines such as New South, Bateau Press, and Prairie Schooner. Her chapbook, You Spit Hills and My Body, was published in 2015 with Dancing Girl Press, and her debut full-length collection, Magnolia Canopy Otherworld will be published on Driftwood Press in December of 2020. She currently lives in Sacramento, California with her husband and cat.

Read more about Erin Carlyle at erincarlyle.com.

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