Kirsten Imani Kasai

Pretty Owl Poetry is pleased to announce another installment of our online reading series. We hung out with Kirsten Imani Kasai whose poetry was featured in Issue 3 along with her photography that was the cover art for this issue. Kirsten discusses reoccurring motifs in her writing and her writing process. She also talks about her photography and a trip to Romania where she photographed abandoned villas.

Check out the Google Hangout on Air for more details.

Kirsten is the author of three novels: ‘Ice Song’ and ‘Tattoo,’ about the adventures of a gender-swapping single mother and the half-human inhabitants of the frozen Sigue; ‘Private Pleasures,’ concerning desire and the sex industry; and a short fiction/poetry collection ‘Rhapsody in Snakeskin: Tales of Erotica and Horror.’ She’s also the editor and co-founder of Body Parts Magazine and holds an MFA from Antioch University. She lives in California with her children and her girlfriend. Connect with her online via, or

Thanks again, Kirsten, for hanging out with us!

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