Nominations for the 2017 Sundress Publications Best of the Net Anthology

We’re very pleased to announce our nominations for the 2017 Best of the Net Anthology. We wish the best of luck to John Talbird, Henry Goldkamp, Deena November, Joanna Fuhrman, Laurin DeChae, Chelsea Tadeyeske, José Angel Araguz, and Sam Wein!


John Talbird
“A Wolf That Used to Be Dog”
Fall 2016, Issue 11

Henry Goldkamp
Spring 2017, Issue 13


Deena November
“I Told My Sister in the Tub:”
Fall 2016, Issue 11

Joanna Fuhrman
“Why the Symmetry of a Poppy Seed Is an Atheist Prayer”
Fall 2016, Issue 11

Laurin DeChae
“The Sensorium of the Cyborg”
Winter 2016, Issue 12

Chelsea Tadeyeske
“if i/i can/when i’m/i don’t/this time
Spring 2017, Issue 13

José Angel Araguz
“City of Windows”
Spring 2017, Issue 13

Sam Wein
“Hey Fat Boy”
Spring 2017, Issue 13

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