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Taylor Grieshober’s debut fiction collection, Off Days, is now available for purchase on Amazon

I read the whole thing. Very nice.

-Taylor’s mother

Taylor Grieshober astutely captures the ambivalence of a generation hung out to dry by Baby Boomers without the self-involved apathy. Her characters depict life in the Rust Belt as I know it, absurd and often bleak, but still hopeful. Off Days is honest, funny and heartbreaking. Grieshober is my favorite Pittsburgh writer, and certainly, one to watch.

Ben Gwin, author of Clean Time: the True Story of Ronald Reagan Middleton

“Be honest, are you just here for the inspo?”

-Taylor’s Tinder date #347

Taylor Grieshober is a magician: a young writer who makes all our “off-days” gleam with dark comedic brilliance. The young women in these stories meet our contemporary moment with a stoicism at once wise, off-kilter, and heartbreaking. You’ll meet children much older than their unraveling parents, and young women navigating the absurdities of modern life and love. Prepare for the quiet sucker-punch, for the sentence that leaves you breathless. Catch your breath while you can. Grieshober, that generous comedian of the grieving heart, is about to zing you again. 

-Marjorie Sandor, author of The Late Interiors: A Life Under Construction

It’s a bop!

-Taylor’s students

Taylor Grieshober is a fiction writer and educator based in Pittsburgh, PA. She holds an MFA in fiction from Oregon State University. More of her work can be found on her website.

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