POPcraft: Developing the Persona Part Two

by Jennifer Met

Editor’s note: you can find part one of this prompt by checking back to our previous post here at POPcraft!

Part Two:
Now reintegrate the cards and shuffle while contemplating your subject’s voice. How, when, and why do they talk? What steps (on this “pyramid”) drive you further apart? What will ultimately integrate the two personalities into one voice at the top? Deal the cards and flip them one at a time as you contemplate each position outlined below.
1. You—this card represents you/a dominant aspect of your personality
2. The persona—this card represents the person you are writing as
3. Similarities—this card enlightens the ways the author is similar to the persona
4. Differences—this card points out a major way the two are different
5. Projecting—what aspect are you falsely projecting on the persona?
6. Blockage—what may be keeping you from fully embodying them?
7. New direction—of what aspect of them are you unaware? What do they hide from everyone?
8. Redefine the heart—what is this poem really about? How has your relationship with your subject changed? Has this changed your view of the poem? Is the reason for writing this poem the same reason you initially contemplated as you shuffled? Is it the same poem you were expecting when you performed the first spread? If not, you can repeat the first spread (or both spreads) as necessary.
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