POPcraft: For Bringing an Idea Up and Out

by Melissa Austin

To prepare for the spread, separate the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Minor Arcana into five small piles. Arrange the piles face down in a cross shape, Major Arcana at the center, with the Swords above it and the Pentacles below. Place the Cups pile to the left of the Major Arcana and the Wands to the right of it.

Before you begin, take a moment to connect your mind, heart, body, and breath. Feel the electric hum of your body. Feel the pull of the earth. Then, one at a time, take each pile in hand and shuffle it a few times, until it feels right. Wherever your hand is drawn to, cut the deck, and flip that top card over.
Look at your cards individually. Look at your cards as a group. Regardless of what each card “means,” what comes up when you look at it, and its colors, its images, its numbers? Do you feel resistance towards any of the cards? Explore it. There’s no wrong way to engage with the invitation of the cards in this context.
The Spread
1. Major Arcana: What wants to be written.
2. Swords/Air: How to approach its expression.
3. Cups/Water: What is at the heart of the poem. What is offered.
4. Pentacles/Earth: How to ground yourself in this process. And/or how to let the poem have its roots.
5. Wands/Fire: How to best engage your creative energy for this poem.
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