POPcraft: I Carry You

by K.G. Strayer

This prompt asks you to take your time. Give the poem-draft space, live with it and let it grow with you as you carry it through your week.

Draw one card from your deck. Once you have turned it over, write a couplet inspired by this card.
Carry the card with you for at least one week. Each day, add a new couplet to the poem you began when you drew the card. How have you and the poem changed from the day before? How has your poem and the card’s relationship to it transformed, now that a day has passed?

At the end of the week, draw another card. Write your final couplet with this card in mind. How does it relate to the first card? What does it say about the experience you’ve had carrying this poem (and your first card) with you throughout your week?
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