POPcraft: This Is For You

by K.G. Strayer

Our first prompt for the new year is about connection.

The pull is simple: only one card. This can come from a Tarot deck, an oracle deck, or even a deck of playing cards.
Think of a person this card conjures for you. They may relate to the traditional meaning of the card you pulled (especially in the case of the archetypes of the major arcana), the images and symbols on the card, or simply have popped into your mind through intuitive association. This person could be someone in your life, a celebrity, an ancestor, a historical figure—anyone.
Write your poem as a letter to this person. What does the new year have in store for them? Who is this person to you—and to your poems? An inspiration? An antagonist?
We can only become better people together. Let this fresh start remind you that we are all connected…and we all have work to do.
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