POPcraft: Against Productivity in a Pandemic

by K.G. Strayer

This prompt is not about being productive. This is about what happens when you take the time to purposefully divest your writing practice from the pressure to produce and perform, even in a time of crisis.

As you shuffle your deck, consider all the branching decisions, consequences, and random events that create the *you* that exists here. Honor that this is your time. Honor every other version of yourself, in every other universe or timeline.
Holding your deck in your dominant hand, “draw” your card by lightly tossing the deck (card-by-card if you are adept at this…for me, it was more like chunk-by-chunk) from your dominant hand to your other hand. The first card to fall is yours. 
Your task is to compose a line in your head that somehow relates to this card and the moment it has chosen to appear. Do not write the line down. Compose completely in your head, memorize the line. It may help to add some kind of rhyme.
Remember this line, but do not write it down. Revisit it when you need it—it is only for you.
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