Editor’s Note

In the fall of 2013, I recruited B. Rose Huber and Gordon Buchan to create an online journal of poetry, flash fiction, and art with me. Pretty Owl Poetry was a learning experience for all of us, and the journal grew to include editorial interns and additional volunteer staff over the years. We started a podcast (“POPcast”), collaborated with K.G. Strayer on a Tarot-based writing prompt series (“POPcraft”), and showcased our authors’ books for sale on our site (“POPshop”). Gordon and Rose left the journal; Jess, Rachael, Olivia, Rys, Wheeler, and others joined in various roles. In the past year or so, many of us have experienced huge life shifts (losing jobs, accepting jobs, entering graduate school, surviving graduate school, etc.), including, of course, adjusting to a global pandemic. I’m starting a new full-time job that will require much more of my energy and focus in the coming months. With this in mind, the team that makes Pretty Owl Poetry possible is going to take an indefinite break starting February 1.

We don’t know yet what this will mean for us. We may be back again after a few months, maybe a year. We may still send out the occasional newsletter and perhaps host a #takeovertuesday on Instagram. It’s also possible we’ll allow ourselves the space to completely unplug from social media and email. My hope is to start reading some of my favorite online and print journals again, and maybe even write some of my own poetry!

To our past contributors: we will maintain the archives and the site for as long as possible. Thank you for giving us the honor and delight to be the home of your amazing poetry, flash fiction, and art throughout the years. We love you. We’ll miss you.

With gratitude,

Kelly (& Jess, Rachael, Olivia, Rys, and Wheeler)

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