Winter 2018

Thank you to our contributors: Nicole Connolly, Sonja Johanson, Megan Denton Ray, Katie Hibner, Tara Roeder, Ian Martin, Nick Alti, Jessica Morey-Collins, Michael Martone.  

Fall 2017

Thank you to our poetry contributors: Jessica Lauffer, Krista Cox, Wheeler Light, Ranee Zaporski, M. Borries, Judy Halebsky, Kimberly Grabowski Strayer, and Elizabeth Ehrlich, and to our fiction contributors: Ben Kline, Karen Lethlean, Velicia Jerus Darquenne.  

Summer 2017

Issue 14, Summer 2017, is here with artwork from Jose Manuel Santiago Ribeiro and Thomas Terceira, and with poems and stories from Seth Jani, Sarah Leavens, James Blevins, Chloe Hanson, Michael Woods, Elise Bader-Saye, Mary Lou Buschi, Robyn Art, Jessica Lee, Melissa Atkinson Mercer, Kristi Banker, Lauren Suchenski, Haley Holden, and Cole Meyer.