Jen Rouse

We asked issue 10 contributor Jen Rouse to talk about what feminism means to her and her female influences in this short Q&A. Read her responses and listen to her recording of “The Solitary” by Sara Teasdale below. 


Pretty Owl Poetry: What does feminism mean to you?

Jen: Feminism means being present as a woman and recognizing all of the many experiences in life that women of all backgrounds face. To reach out and fight and cry and be a warrior, sometimes a silent warrior, letting so many more voices speak because my white voice has always been too privileged in this movement.

POP: Who are some of your female influences? (writers, musicians, personal heroes, etc.)

J: Writers: Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde

Musicians: Tina Turner

Personal Heroes: Director Janeve West; Singer, Actor, and Producer Jane Pini; Madeline Rouse, my daughter

POP: What moments in your personal history as a woman stand out to you?

J: Publishing my first book of poetry with a lesbian press–Headmistress Press. The moment when my daughter was born and the rest of the world slipped away because she was so powerful, so perfect.


Twitter: @jrouse 

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