Jessie Janeshek

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked issue 10 contributor Jessie Janeshek to take part in this short Q&A. Read her responses and listen to her recording of “#944” by Emily Dickinson below. 

Pretty Owl Poetry: What does feminism mean to you?

Jessie: Feminism means equality, not just for women but for all groups who aren’t white heterosexual and male. It means not having to act in a stereotypically feminine way if I don’t want to, not having to nurture or be quiet and proper unless I choose to. It means not letting men talk over us, as they so often do. It means dressing and doing your hair and makeup–or not–for yourself, being sexual but not sexualized, unless you want to be.

POP: Who are some of your female influences? (writers, musicians, personal heroes, etc.)

J:Plath, Sexton, Dickinson, Colette, Rachilde, Simone Muench, Sandra Simonds, Marilyn Kallet, Margaret Sanger, the hetairai of ancient Greece

POP:What moments in your personal history as a woman stand out to you?

J: Any time I’ve scared or surprised a man by talking back when he expected silence and compliance.


Twitter: @BlondeBitters


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