Sharla Yates

In honor of Women’s History Month, we invited issue 9 contributor Sharla Yates to take part in a short email interview. Read her Q&A below and listen to her recording of “One Art,” by Elizabeth Bishop.

Pretty Owl Poetry: What does feminism mean to you?

Sharla: Equality of all peoples regardless.

POP: Who are some of your female influences? (writers, musicians, personal heroes, etc.)

S: Women in my life who are thinkers and/or creators. Mother Earth is pretty darn inspirational. Every Woman who has survived and has held out to their hand to help another. There are many specific people in here to claim but none more important than the other. Jesus was also a feminist, people miss/ignore that but whatever. Love wins.

POP: What moments in your personal history as a woman stand out to you?

S: Being a teen about to give birth and the ways the world of men tried to squeeze me quiet or shame me numb. They didn’t realize I was birthing my son and my resistance. I became a mother and a voice and had a new reason to fight. Also, education is so very, very important as is Art.


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