POPcraft: The Three Souls

by K.G. Strayer

Shuffle the deck while meditating on your blank canvas (blank notebook page, word document, sheaf of parchment, etc.).

Draw three cards at random and lay them facedown in front of you. You will flip all three cards before you begin writing your poem.
The first card represents your poem’s mind. What is the poem about? More importantly, what is it thinking about? Where do you want the poem’s mind to wander?
The second card represents your poem’s body. Choose a form that you feel reflects this card in some way, and compose your poem in that form. You might consider paying close attention to the artwork of the card you’ve pulled and any numbers associated with it to determine how your writing will be structured.
The third card represents your poem’s spirit. Include at least three images that connect your poem to this card on a sensory level.
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